Process Stories

Maureen Whiting Co. in BELLY

It Began with White Faux Fur

Belly, was the first project I got to collaborate with the Maureen Whiting Co. on and the first time I met Maureen. I can remember one of the first interactions. It was at a photoshoot to promote this show and we we’re on location at Gasworks park and she asked me to help her with her ‘place holder’ costume in the bathroom. All of a sudden I find myself on the floor ‘diapering’ a grown women in a piece of white faux fur and all I could think was I think we’re going to be great friends!

Wonders of Felt and Raw Wool

This piece changed me a lot as an Artist and deeply empowered me. I got the opportunity to work with Jean Hicks a wildly talented local Fiber Artist  who showed me the wonders of felt and raw wool. Working on Belly was fun for me in that I saw my work make a great stride into creating sculpture for the body.

I had no idea in the beginning what I would ultimately create. I really honed in on what was needed and where my ‘in road’ was going to be in helping Maureen tell her story. I think I started out just wanting clothes to be more emotionally expressive for the performance.

Happy Accidents

I thought about reaching audiences on multiple sensory levels. So I started to imagine textures that could also contain hidden natural elements like marigolds. This surpassed my expectations when they spun out of their costumes and created a hapless map emmitting a beautiful floral scent. The smell of something so natural and sweet in the theater was surprising way to interact with audiences!

I was greatly bolstered by Maureen creating a safe place to experiment and imagine. You can feel that she really loves everyone she works with especially through moments of exhaustion and creative block.

See the final MoCo Belly costumes in action.