Creative Consultant

As a creative consultant, I meet with the client to hear their vision for their project and offer my creative problem solving. I strive to make your project cohesive through costume and stage design recommendations. I help you gather a sense of how your story and vision can be met through visual design choices.

Costume Design & Development

As a Costume Designer, I develop custom designed garments to work with the individual’s needs as well as the character they inhabit. In order to best realize a project it is valuable that I be involved at the earliest possible stages of development. I first gather a sense of the story and overall mood for a section or role. This is followed by research among which includes gathering measurements from everyone and creating a series of sketches which are best informed by sitting in on rehearsals. I then begin basic mock-ups of each design using muslin. Then there is a garment fitting to make sure everything is working the way it should. After the fitting comes shopping for the desired fabric, I then begin construction of the final garment. When the garment is finished, it’s time to do a final fitting and overview for any needed adjustments.


I love thinking about how to create whole environments for audiences to immerse themselves in. As a Dramaturge I work closely with a director or choreographer to flesh out a story and uncover invaluable visual storytelling tools there in. I’m passionate about the research that goes into creating through lines for audiences and performers. We all have such interesting histories to draw from and discovering those connections for me is a great point of joy in the work I do.

Sample Projects: Psychic Radio Star, The Buffoon, MoCo in BELLY

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