Danielle Blackwell is a multimedia artist and designer. She has studied with the Apparel Design program at Seattle Central Community College and at Cornish College of Fine Art. Her focus at Cornish College honed her interests in sculpture, costume design and stage design. Danielle has apprenticed with Mark Mitchell, Designer Of, ‘BURIAL DESIGNS’, who’s solo exhibit debuted at the FRY Museum in Seattle 2013-2014. While working with Mitchell, she enjoyed the opportunity to Co- create work for Shabazz Palaces, Cherdonna Shinatra for their show, ‘WORTH MY SALT’. She also took part in the production team for Intiman Theatre’s production of,  ‘ANGELS IN AMERICA’, during her time with Mitchell. Danielle has had the joy of studying oil painting with highly accomplished international fine painter and muralist, Crystal Barbre. In 2012 her costumes designed for The Maureen Whiting Dance Co. Show, ‘BELLY’, We’re on loan to be photographed by Fiona Pepe and went on to be shown in Z!NK magazine of that year. In 2011 she designed work for The Offshore Project that made it to the A.W.A.R.D. SHOWCASE at On The Boards in Seattle. 

Danielle has created some of their most pioneering and sculptural designs currently in Maureen Whiting’s production, “The Burden of Joy’. This production is currently growing with more momentum through to 2020 with the addition of brilliant composer, Michael Zapruder and powerfully emotive movement now added by dancer, Valencia James. The next showing of this work in progress is set for April 2020 in Seattle. 

Danielle’s early years were steeped in a lot of travel. Her life began in the Midwest, in Michigan. She followed her father to Turkey while he was stationed there, she was around one or two years old at that time. Danielle traveled after him with her Pregnant Mother who wanted him to see his first child born, her younger sibling Jes. Her family lived in Turkey for about two years until returning to the states, landing in Texas and eventually making their way back up the center of the U.S. by way of Indiana and landing for the bulk of adolescents in Wisconsin. Throughout her childhood there was always this, ‘through line’ of influence with her Mother sharing her love for a wide variety of movies and musicals. From sharing this love of entertainment she deriving inspiration to use her imagination and her hands to manifest herself closer to these amazing realities not readily visible to the average onlooker. Her Mother was her first teacher in how to never just accept your current perceived limitations and to harniss her imagination to transform basic materials into prized possessions or imagined worlds. 

Danielle’s Art is always evolving, drawing on an unending love for learning new mediums and gaining new experiences. She is drawn to grounding much of her explorations in expression through dressing and manipulating the human form. Her work currently has been growing towards what she refers to as, sculpture for the body. She has a deep passion for emoting through form in this way and is interested in cultivating more unique experiences to engage audiences with transformative perceptions of self and others. 

Danielle maintains ongoing collaboration with the Maureen Whiting Dance Co., The Offshore Project, HYPERNOVA, Peggy Piacenza, Ezra Dickinson and Paige Barnes. Her work explores collaborations and solo work  in costume design, fiber art, sculpture, textiles, digital art, painting and illustration. Danielle is passionate about creativity and always interested in helping new collaborators realize their vision.

Selected Past Works

Assistant Director and Costume Designer for Psychic Radio Star by Ezra Dickinson
Costume Design and Dramaturge for Burden of Joy by Choreographer Maureen Whiting, MoCo
Costume Design and Dramaturge for Belly by Choreographer Maureen Whiting Dance Company
Costume Design for The Event by Choreographer Peggy Piacenza
Designer for Art Zone’s, Nancy Guppy on SIFF’s Red Carpet Event 

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