Photo credit: Jen Au Director: Paige Barnes Oxbow Gallery, Seattle


For this residency directed by Paige Barnes, who is both a Choreographer and practicing Acupuncturist here in Seattle. I created a new soft sculpture Jacket that worked with her inspiration to integrate pulse reading to her performance work. Additionally I created a green screen fabric tube and black fabric tube for her to manipulate both during her process of integrating video textures onto the form of the body. The black fabric tube was referencing how shadow is apart of the way she interprets the pulse.

Below I’ve included Paige’s own words about this residency.

”I’m colling this residency Mother, a dedication to feminine aspects such as receptivity, creation, intuition, softness, care and emotion. Inspired by eastern philosophy, I see this creative process as a meditation on yin-a space absent of light, that provides foundation for growth. In residence, I hold pulse readings using a sensor and acupuncture’s pulse listening method. From these readings the pulse is translated into a soundscape and dance videos of elemental creatures. The pulse is our moving blood that interconnects and nourishes our whole body. Through the pulse I find a place for the emotional body to be seen.

Residency took place at Oxbow Gallery July 5-28 of 2019

Director, Dance, Video Art: Paige Barnes

Computer Scientist, Sound Design: David Siah

Lighting Artist: Amiya Brown

Costume Artist: Danielle Blackwell

Musician: Evan Flory-Barnes

Dancer: Nadia Losonsky

Photo credits for this show: Jen Au

Visual Samples of MOTHER

“Working with Dani is absolutely dreamy. The process is relaxed, inspiring and professional. All aspects of the creative process flow easily, such as: coordinating meetings, generating sketches and trying out rough ideas to work toward the final project. She is present and models what a collaborative relationship should be like.”
— Paige Barns